Welcome to my Magic and Mayhem Kindle World!!!

I’m so excited I could squeeeeeeeeee!

What is a Kindle World, you may ask?

Well, let me explain…

It’s basically fan fiction written by some amazing authors that I stalked and blackmailed! KIDDING! I was lucky and blessed to have some brilliant authors say yes! They have written brand new stories using my world and some of my characters. And let me tell you…the results are hilarious!

For those of you who prefer a more mature and succinct answer…
Kindle Worlds is an Amazon exclusive program. The titles written for the world can NOT be purchased at other ebook retailers or anywhere besides the Amazon US site, but they can be read on any tablet, computer, or smartphone using the free Kindle App.

There will be two launches a year filled with smexy, witchy, shifty, magical fun!

But wait, you may ask…Can I write in the Magic and Mayhem world too? Yes, you can!!! Here is the link to the rules for writing in a world. Read ‘em and write! Magic & Mayhem Kindle World Rules

So here it is! Side splitting books by fantabulous authors! Check out each and every one. You will laugh your way to a magical HEA!
xoxo Robyn

A FREE Full-Length Book!

Book 1

Witch Glitch

Book 2

A Witch In Time

Book 3

NEW RELEASES in the Magic and Mayhem Kindle World!!!

Buy Renee’s Book

What happens in Paradise Falls—follows your ass around for the rest of your life.

Buy Kris’s Book

Enchanted love that last through the ages isn’t always a piece of cake.

Buy Deanna’s Book

There are worse things than being a ghost summoned from New Orleans to Asscrack, West Virginia… especially when you wake up mortal, naked, and in the arms of the oh-so-sexy Diesel Jacobs.

Buy Isabel’s Book

One possessed witch, two horny ghosts, and a mystical kitty are on a mission to save the future of Magic… Piece of cake.

Buy Donna’s Book

She’s the Jezibaba, not the Jezibooboo. Sleeping with Professor Hottie is out of the question… or is it?

Buy Claudy’s Book

Dilly of Rucker finds that not only is she a ‘key’ in the wind, but a witch on the prowl.

Buy Melanie’s Book

I’m sure to find at least one hot Shifter to dig my stilettos into. Right?

Buy Eliza’s Book

Witches can’t shift, so why the hell am I looking at a wolf in the mirror?

Buy Melinda’s Book

Insecure. Overweight. Supernatural. Look out NYC, here comes…

Buy Renea’s Book

“Is it so hard to believe that you might fall in love without the help of magic?”

Buy H.M.’s Book

When life goes haywire, shifting ain’t easy.

Buy Michele’s Book

A cursed witch, a grumpy bear shifter, and a sarcastic ghost must work together to save the supernatural town of Wild, Texas. What could go wrong?

Buy Rose’s Book

Paranormal Paradise Spa and Resort – the place to get your paranormal mojo back.

Buy Lori’s Book

Operative word: should.

OTHER BOOKS in the Magic and Mayhem Kindle World!!!