A Leaner Meaner Midlife

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I want to live my life in peace for a little while as opposed to pieces. I don’t know who I have to bribe to catch a break, but I’m willing to pay the big bucks. 

Apparently, no one got the memo. Midlife is one messy ride. 

Fine. I’m off to Lexington, Kentucky to find a self-proclaimed dragon who sports a mullet, beer belly and delusions of Immortal grandeur. This time he’s gone too far. He’s messed with me and mine for the last time. 

The way to end a dragon is to remove his tail. We thought we had. A tail is in the back. Right?


So, so wrong.  

With the love of my Immortal life by my side along with a few smack-talking, geriatric Nephilim and a foul-mouthed, toothpick loving Keeper of Fate, I’m ready. 

And when it’s done, I’m taking a freaking vacation. I’ve earned it. 

It’s time to slay the dragon for good. 

This time there will be no mercy. 




Coming Soon!!

Fast Facts

Series: Good To The Last Death, Book Eleven

Publisher: Robyn Peterman

Publication Date: March 18, 2024

Genre: Paranormal Womens Fiction

Length: 250




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