HOW HARD CAN IT BE? hasn’t come out yet, but there is major interest from LA in making it into a movie!! Of course, I was in the LA show business scene for years and the chance of all the stars being aligned correctly and my book actually becoming a movie are slim….but stranger things have happened!
The most exciting part is that they want me to take a pass at the script! One of the things the LA dudes liked was my voice and they fear losing my voice if someone else writes it. Sooo, being of sound body and questionable mind I told them noooo problem. Can I do it? I have no freakin’ clue. Am I going to do it? You bet you sweet ass I am!
Although to be fair, I read hundreds of scripts (because of my super hot hubby) and am very familiar with screen writing (didn’t want you to think the LA dudes were on crack) I’m not an unknown risk for them!
My entire theory as an author thus far has been “I’ve got nothing to lose.” So far, so good…I lied about having a finished manuscript and ended up with a two book deal. I don’t really recommend that to anyone unless you want to get sick, but it did work for me.
I think the hardest part of turning my book into a screenplay will be taking a 350 page novel down to a 100 page script. I feel slightly married to what I wrote and giving up characters and scenes will fell like cutting off body parts…necessary body parts (Not my thighs or my butt, I’d be delighted to get rid of some of that. Although drinking Coke Zero Cherry has made my butt and I best friends again.) I do realize there are far worse problems to have.
Soooo, I’m gonna do it! I’m going to write something I’ve never written and see what the hell happens! At least I didn’t lie. Lying is too hard. It’s far easier to remember the truth. So along with keeping you updated on the two books coming out, I’ll regale you with horror stories of my new script writing venture! Thanks for sticking around and check out my website
Don’t forget HOE HARD CAN IT BE? comes out 1-13-13!!! For the first chapter, go to my website! And if you want more sign up for my news letter! I’ll be posting the second chapter at the end of November.