Last night I had writers block. I needed a fictional Christian network that could easily be confused with a real network…I was stuck. So I reached out via my author Facebook page for suggestions and I hit the JACKPOT.  I offered my left boob as the prize (it’s the bigger one) Just kidding, the right one is bigger. Actually neither one is that big so I offered to name a character after the winner.
I was blown away and humbled that so many of my friends had such creative and dirty minds. It made me feel proud and less embarrassed about my own issues. With so many mind boggling suggestions, I had to sleep on it. It was heartwarming and alarming to realize how well everyone knew what I would like. I feel great love toward my creatively disturbed friends. Honorable mentions go to; Karen, Andrea, Judi, Niecey, Tracy, Holly, Roseanne, Elizabeth, Katie, Jennifer, Martin, Sean, Charlie, and Julia. A special mention to Robin F, they came fast and furious!!!
AND THE WINNER IS……..Brooks. He came up with TIT Totally Inspirational Television. It’s just wrong on so many levels that I had to go with it! Congrats and thank you, Brooks. There is now a character named Brooks Spewter (not Brooks’ real last name) He is the recently disgraced CEO of the TIT network. He was caught on film with hookers at a Jesus convention and is in the market for some good press.
I would like to thank everyone who participated in the bizarre and random little contest. I needed a good laugh and I got it!! Thankfully, I now know where to turn when I have writers block. Thank you….I think.