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Blogs are awesome ways to find new authors and when I was asked to join these gals in a little hop, I readily agreed! This is truly one of the ways I’ve discovered new fun authors, so make sure you check these Hot Mammas out!!! Register yourself for the $50 dollar gift card and then you can go buy everyones books!!! YAY! I have decided to regale you guys with the bizarre start of my writing career….I don’t really recommend this unless you want to get a lovely case of shingles after you finish. Although, if I had it to do over, I would probably do the same thing!! BUT, I’m insane.
The crazy, mixed-up tale of how my first
book came to be – also known as, WTF?
I’m getting published.
I’ve been asked how I got published. The answer is simple…I lied. That’s right, I lied. I wouldn’t recommend it, although it worked for me. It certainly could have blown up in my face, but wether it was sheer will and determination or dumb luck, I’ll never know. Here’s how it went…      I pitched a very unfinished novel (as if it were done) to major NY publishers and agents at a writers conference in Chicago. I was shocked, delighted and appalled that everyone I pitched to asked for a full manuscript. After a brief and hopefully unnoticeable panic attack, I very logically explained to them that I needed to get the book professionally edited (real meaning–write it) and would have it to them in three weeks. What the hell did I have to lose? My sanity had been gone for years.      Having been an actor for umpteen decades came in handy. Clearly, pretending to smell delicious imaginary aromas in commercial auditions and becoming one with my inner lawn gnome in acting class, made my fear of telling ginormous lies nonexistent.      The next part of the story goes like this…I went home and wrote it. I didn’t sleep for three weeks, my family ate a lot of peanut butter and jelly and no one in the house had any clean underpants. I loved every minute of it. I ended up with several offers and went with a two book deal with Kensington Publishing.     That’s my crazy story, but the real answer to getting published is to write. Just write. Everyday. Every writer I’ve had the good fortune to know says the same thing. Oh, and read…tons.
At this very moment I have two books out, HOW HARD CAN IT BE? and PIRATE DAVE AND HIS RANY ADVENTURES (Career Ending Romance Spoof). FASHIONABLY DEAD will be coming out in August and the sequel to HOW HARD CAN IT BE? called SIZE MATTERS comes out in December!!! WOOHOO! All of these are great beach reads and I hope you’ll try them out!
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