I just bought a corset, bootie shorts, fish nets and a tutu….and I’m planning on wearing these items in public. Have I lost my mind? Clearly, yes. BUT, I didn’t pick this ensemble out…my super hot hubby did. Thank you Jesus on a moped that he still finds it necessary to dress me up like a hooker! Apparently my sweat pants aren’t sexy….
I’m not wearing this to drop my kids off at school. Nope, I’m wearing it through the streets of New Orleans on Mardi Gras Day! Thankfully there will be people looking even scarier than I do!
I will let my inner-hooker free and wander with my family (who will also be wigged and decked out) through the wildly forgiving streets of NOLA!!!! My wig is royal blue, my daughter’s is lime green and my son’s is wild brown sausage curls (tucked underneath an awesome pirate hat). Of course, hot hubby will be in a powder wig!!!
Yes, I will take pictures. And No, I probably won’t post them….
What, you may ask does this have to do with writing? Actually, a lot…..in a round about way! New Orleans is where I first started writing for real. This magical, crazy city inspires me like no other. I am obsessed with the cemeteries and the people and the food….There’s a feeling I get when I’m down here, like anything is possible. It’s the same feeling I have on a crisp fall evening. The kind that smells and feels like a high school football game…or twilight in New York on a perfect Spring day.
Since I’m deeply ensconced in my Vampires right now, I’m in the best place I could be. Mardi Gras and looking like a hooker are just a bonus!
If you haven’t read HOW HARD CAN IT BE? check it out! Reviews are rockin’ and I’m so proud and excited is embarrassing! I’ll be posting chapter one from FASHIONABLY DEAD on my website soon. It is coming out the end of April!!!!
Go Buy My Book and let your own inner hooker fly free….it feels great!
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