Fashionably Dead and Loving It: The Hot Damned Series

Written by: Robyn Peterman

Narrated by: Jessica Almasy

Length: 5 hrs and 48 minutes

Series: Hot Damned, Book 13

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date: 2-9-2021



Being an undead Princess comes with baggage. And unfortunately, it’s not Prada.
Getting shredded in the Daily Fang, The Bloody Times and The National Dhampir is par for the course in the life of a royal Vampyre—especially mine. However, that’s nothing compared to the sh%tshow unfolding in my life. 
My nightmares are coming true. 
Satan is throwing fits about changing diapers.
The Baby Demons are full of cryptic messages. 
Martha and Jane have a sphincter obsession. 
There’s a half-naked Demon in my closet with a mouth as foul as mine. 
On top of all that, we’re hosting Demon-hating royal houseguests.
Oh, and did I mention the Vampyre-eating-Zombies on the west coast? 
With Ethan by my side, along with new friends and a few well-hidden enemies, it’s time to adjust my crown, put a few Vampyres in their place, and kick some Zombie butt. 
I’m dead.
Life is still good.
I have unconditional love. 
And on most days, when I’m not covered in Zombie guts, I’m wildly fashionable. 
Fashionably dead, that is, and loving it.  

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