Today I have the insanely awesome pleasure of diving into the brain to one of my besties, author Donna McDonald!! She is my partner in crime, critique partner and one hell of an author!

Soooooooo, I have cornered her today to talk about her latest book, HOW TO TRAIN A DRAGON. It’s book 2 in the Baba Yaga Saga…which just happens to live in my Magic and Mayhem Kindle world! AND it’s alive NOW!!

My girl, Donna, has written the back story of Carol and Hildy and it totally rocks–hilarious and hotter than asphalt in August! Book one, HOW TO TRAIN A WITCH came out in June 2016 and book three, TO YAGA OR NOT TO YAGA will be released in the October 2016 Magic and Mayhem Kindle World Launch!


So without further ado, here’s Donna!

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Robyn- How did you and Robyn meet?

Donna– We met in a writer’s group. We were the only two comedy writers. Now my brain doesn’t feel so lonely.
Robyn- What exactly did Robyn have on you to get you to write in the Magic and Mayhem Kindle World?
Donna- The list is far too long and obnoxious to share with potential readers who I still have hopes of liking me. Let’s just say she blackmails very well.
Robyn- Rumor has it that you’re spinning the Baba Yaga Saga off into a series…..Is the TRUE???
Donna- Why yes… yes, I am. Hopefully, later this year. Carol and Hildy will be left behind. The rest of their stories can be found in the original books of Robyn’s Magic & Mayhem Series. However, the Jezibaba, Professor Hottie, and a couple new characters from Book 2 will be traveling with me.
Robyn- What is Asses on Fire?
Donna- Imagine a donkey on all fours with someone sticking a match to its butt. Now imagine that donkey kicking backwards trying to knock the ever-living shit out of the match holder. There you go. Three times a week and I hate her no matter how nice an ass it gives me.
Robyn- What else do you have cooking at the moment?
Donna- Book 3 in my Nano Wolves series. Another secret book series that is so wrong I can’t talk about it yet. Hopefully, another cyborg book this year. My writing aspirations are outpacing the ability of my fingers and brain to keep up. It’s been a good year.
Favorite Swear Word —  Feck (I think it sounds funnier)
Favorite Swear Word you learned from Robyn —  motherhumper
Favorite place to write —  Outside
Favorite ice cream — Love all flavors, but hold the sprinkles
Favorite sexual position —  Any position my husband bends me into
Favorite TV show — Big Bang Theory
Favorite genre to write — This changes with my mood. I cherish my freedom to write what I want.
Favorite male body part — I’m a whole package girl. Take that how you want.
Check out the blurb FROM HOW TO TRAIN A DRAGON!!!!
There were rules for dating dragons. The most important of all? Don’t get burned.
Instead of the Jezibaba, in the last eight years she’s become the Jeziblahblah. Dating her sexy academic dragon should have keep her mentally sharp, not caused her to drop all caution just because he looked good naked. She was getting soft. There was no doubt about it. When a young troublemaking dragon named Thane starts causing problems for Carol and HIldy, she’s the only one concerned.
She wasn’t the mothering type—no argument—but she was still their protector. Her instincts were flashing warning signs about the young dragon and she was not going to ignore them no matter how innocent Damien believed he was. She no longer had the luxury of pretending she’d found a perfect love. Instead it was time to face reality. She’d dated a hot dragon and gotten burned for giving him her heart.
With Thane still free to cause trouble, and Damien still not believing he was, her loyalty the disloyal dragon might end up being the worst mistake she’s ever made in her life.
Now I would suggest you go buy this book because it FREAKIN’ ROCKS!!!
Available at Amazon.


A big thank you to the brilliant Donna McDonald. If you wanna see more from my amazeballs friend, check out her website!!

xoxo Robyn