At my age I thought I was done blowing babies out, but alas…no. Writing a book is very similar to having a baby. You flirt with an idea (hit on guy), decide it’s a good idea (suss out that he’s not married or a total loser), write the first draft (date for a while), love the first draft (do the nasty), realize that you’re going to make the book happen (oh shit, the test stick is pink), write and rewrite and rewrite (morning sickness…eating everything in the house…threaten to kill your guy because he brought home a pizza without mushrooms on it), and then you finish the book (blow out a seventeen pound baby with teeth and hair).
The pain and joy and angst and weight gain (in my case, weight loss due to my giving up my beloved Coke…the drink, not the drug), was all worth it. I’m slightly blind and my fingers are stumps, but I figure a week or two break will suffice. You might feel a bit sad (postpartum depression), but you feel like you’ve climbed a mountain! You hope your baby will make friends (fans) and be very popular (sell like mofo). And then it’s back to the bar to troll for another guy (idea for next book). Of course, I don’t troll…being happily married kind of puts the kabosh on that, but I’m speaking metaphorically.
Now, because I’m a hooker, I’d like to guide you to my website You can read the first chapter of my first baby HOW HARD CAN IT BE? coming out January 13, 2013 and see a blurb on the baby I just blew out, tentatively titled SHE LIKES THEM BIG AND HAIRY!
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