Holy Crap!!!! My first literary review evaahh! It’s amazing. I’m not related to the gal who reviewed me and I don’t even know her! Therefore, proving to sweet baby Moses in a thong and everyone else (with or without a thong) that I didn’t pay her or bribe her in any way.
I was on my Goodreads sight, updating my release date. (it’s changed from the 13th to the 17th) and I realized I had a review. Review sites and reviewers have access to ARCs. (advanced reader copies) As an actor, I rarely read reviews. I told myself I would be the same about my books…I lied.
I opened the review and held my breath…I read it and then I read it again and then again. (kind of the same thing I did with the EPT stick) If I could find that gal, I’d bend her over and kiss her ass. The review rocked!
Because I’m a dork, I will probably copy that review and frame it (actually I already did). Trust me when I say I will receive some harsh reviews. I am a full service offender and if someone is easily offended…well you know.
That being said, what I right is funny and romantic too! I write like I speak and I really do have lots of friends. While my sailor mouth might make my mom cringe (it does), it hasn’t stopped me from having meaningfully profane relationships with many people.
If you’d like to read the review, you can go to my website and hit the Goodreads “g” on my home page. It will take you to the site and you can see what made me want to smooch a butt!
Go to http://www.robynpeterman.com/ and share my delirious and out of control joy!!! (in a thong)