HOW TO TITLE A BOOK………trust me, it’s not easy!
I’d have to say that writing a book is easier for me than coming up with the title. Thankfully I have some really good friends and beta readers who I have blackmailed into coughing up really good titles!! KIDDING! My peeps are brilliant and have come through for me every time. I thought you might find it interesting to see the list I sent to Kensington (my publisher) for the book that was ultimately called SIZE MATTERS. Of course the entire time I wrote it, I referred to it as SHE LIKES THEM BIG AND HAIRY….I found that title delightfully disgusting and fun. This did not sit well with the powers that be in NY. I still love that one, but am thrilled with SIZE MATTERS too. My thanks goes to author Kris Calvert for that one!!!
xoxo Robyn
PS Happy New Year!!!
(The letter to my editor)
 Oooookay, Here we go….Clearly some of these are for my pleasure and would suck as titles! I’m still very partial to SHE LIKES THEM BIG AND HAIRY!, but that’s just me!! If none of these suit, I will send a new buttload tomorrow! Just let me know. I want to capture the fun of the book and it makes me so happy to be left of center. Hmmm…I wonder why.
1.The Big Hairy Deal
you know what they say about big feet…
2.Big Hairy Deal
you know what they say about big feet…
3.The Bigger They Are…
4.She Likes Them Big and Hairy
5.Stop, Squatch and Roll
6.Is That a Squatch in Your Pocket, or Are You Just Happy To see Me?
7.Why Didn’t You Tell Me it Got Harder?
8.How Hard Can It Be?
Part Two….
Big Foot. Really?
9.Size Matters
A Girl, A Guy and Big Foot
10.Things Just Got Hairier
11.A Hard Man is Good to Find
12.Looking For the Big One
13.And Yeti Said He Loved Me…
14.Lust and Found
15.Big Man Hunt
16.The Harder the Man, The Bigger He Falls
And if you’d like to read the story that spawned all these titles go get SIZE MATTERS!!!!!!! Here’s the back cover blurb!

A few hard truths…Don’t bet on The Hasselhoff, Bigfoot might actually exist, and searching for the impossible may lead you to your hearts desire…

It’s a big fat hairy deal when I lose yet another bet to my best friend Rena. Not only do I end up attending Bigfoot meetings with her kooky Aunt Phyllis, I find myself traveling with a band of  reality TV, Sasquatch-hunting nut-jobs! Not to mention a suspiciously shady film crew. As if those little nuggets weren’t enough to send me on the express-train to Crazytown…I stupidly swore off men!

Clearly all this would mess up any gal’s social life, but the worst part of the story? The minute I send my libido on vacation, I meet Mitch. Yep, Mitch, the sexiest cop ev-ah. The hottest, best kissing, finest tushied, SINGLE guy I’ve ever laid eyes on. I’d rather be hot on his trail than anything that involves the word Big or Foot. But sometimes what you’re hunting for is right in front of you all along …

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