Being tired and posting on Facebook doesn’t always work out well…for example: I am the artistic director of a local theatre company and I often post on our Facebook page. I wrote the play called SMACKDOWN FOR THE CHRISTMAS CROWN, a silly funny and slightly off kilter play about a sister group, the Bobbies: Bobbie Sue, Bobbie Donna, Bobbie BooBoo etc and the Billys: Billy Bob, Billy Joe, Billy Willy etc, who compete for the Christmas Crown. It’s a fun show full of music, dancing and unabashed silliness. It’s for the whole family.
My typing is hairy at best and dangerous at worst. A clear and embarrassing reminder of this is the simple fact that tonight on Facebook I urged everyone to come and see the Billys and the BOOBIES this December! That’s right, I invited the public to see the Billys and the Mammaries perform a show. I was politely informed of my faux pas by a lovely patron of our little theatre company and I mea culpa-ed all over Facebook!
I considered taking the post down, but it made me laugh so hard, I cried. Plus, it’s a fine reminder that I need to proofread better. ( Not my forte! Just ask my buddy Jennifer M, she’s gasped at some of my bizarre spellings and unintentionally obnoxious mistakes.)
Being a writer, you’d think I’d know better…but that’s what great editors are for! Soooo, if anyone can find another gaping mistake, let me know and I will name a character after you in one of my books! This will keep me on my toes and relieve me of having to come up with character names…because I will promise you I will screw up grammatically on a regular basis!
Check out my website, I’m sure I f%$&ed that up too!!!!