Keeping the friends that set your hair on fire is important….
Well, almost set your hair on fire. For example, my friend Jim. We’ve been best friends since I was eighteen and now I’m forty-blah-blah-blah. Suffice it to say it’s been a looong time. Jim’s an actor and a very good one. Back in the day, when I was still an actor we did a bunch of shows together in Chicago. One of them was GREASE, I was Frenchy and he was Sonny. At the part where we all think Rizzo is knocked up, Jim (Sonny) was supposed to lean into me (Frenchy) and whisper the rumor….He did, with a lit cigarette in his mouth (yes, people used to smoke on stage)
I smelled a hideous odor. It was my bright orange wig lighting up. Thankfully Jim slapped the side of my head quite soundly and put the flames out before my entire head was on fire….Cheap fake hair with buttloads of hair spray in it and flames are a very baaaad combo!
Oh, and there was also the time Jim and another cast member (my boyfriend at the time who shall remain nameless) glued the face of a female cast member onto the crotch of a naked spread eagle woman in a magazine I was supposed to read on stage….Choked with laughter, I couldn’t get my lines out. I laughed so hard that the audience started to laugh…in confusion. All three of us got written up by the stage manager. Good times, good times. 
So as you can plainly see, I could never let Jim go. Someone with a deviously creative mind like his is a keeper! I have gotten him back for these things many times over the years. The reason I share these trips down memory lane is because Jim is at my house now helping me write the screen play for HOW HARD CAN IT BE? and it’s not an easy task….
I have pouted and cried about having to cut scenes and combine characters. A lesser man would have told me to shove it up my whiney ass and left, but thankfully Jim can handle me. (or at least ignore me) I have been as asshat and an assmonkey, but we’re writing an amazing script.
So the lesson here is flaming hair, asshats, tiny faces in the crotches of naked spread eagle women and getting written up to the actor’s union make relationships stronger. I hope you have a Jim in your life. I’m sure as hell glad I do.
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P.S. I’m the one in the picture with the scary blond wig and the super cute head tilt and Jim is in the back row holding fuzzy dice….
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