Authors are some of the most generous and fun people I know! A cool way to meet new ones is through blogs of authors you already enjoy. Niecey and I became friends on Facebook (of all random things) and realized we had a ton in common. We were both debut authors with books coming out very close to each other. Niecey is a great talent and a cool chick! Check out her new book, FENDER BENDER BLUES, and learn a little about her on my blog today!
How does it feel to be a published author? 
Kinda like I was just elected President of the United States sans the media circus and headache. Plus, I’m pretty sure being a published author is way more fun than being President. He can’t say the F word. That would suck. 
Why do you enjoy writing contemporary romance? 
Contemporary romance is real. Well, besides the fictional part. But it’s more real than writing about werewolves (not saying I’ll never write about werewolves, I might!). I can relate to the characters I write about. 
How did you start writing? 
I wrote my first little story in the third grade, a murder/mystery. In my story, someone off-ed our teacher in a burglary gone bad and it was my job to find the jerk. Of course, I was a third grader and not being a hero wasn’t an option, so in my story, I solved the mystery. I then quickly moved on to poetry full of teenager angst and unrequited love. Eeekkkk. ’Nuff said. 
What do you do for writer’s block? 
I don’t know, stress a little, drink a beer, put my feet up, chew a million sunflower seeds… I don’t get writer’s block very often. My “blockage” comes from having too many ideas in my head and not being able to settle on one thing to write. It’s an issue. 
Where do you get your ideas? 
Every day life. I have a goofball husband, some hilarious friends, and I’m kind of a goofball myself. That’s why I write contemporary romantic comedy. The ideas are always flowing. 
What’s next for you?
I’m just concentrating on writing contemporary for the moment. I have a YA paranormal romance I’ve been brainstorming, and a sci-fi futuristic romance I’ve wanted to do for a few years. 
If you weren’t a writer what would you be? 
At one time I thought I’d be a lawyer. Working for one makes me realize how much I do not want to be a lawyer. So I’m glad I never followed through with that one. I’m content to be the legal assistant, but mostly because I can still write while doing it. Now, if I absolutely could not write and I didn’t have to worry about money, I’d be an artist. I used to paint. I don’t have time for it now. 
What inspires you most? 
My kids. I want to be successful for them. Selling books means I can send them to college. 
What makes you laugh? Cry? 
My kids. Every day they make me laugh. Thinking of anything that might harm them makes me cry. 
Favorite word? 
Fuck. I say it a lot, even when I’m trying not to. Ugh. It’s a serious problem. 
Favorite color? 
Bright shades of blue, like aqua, azure and turquoise. 
Favorite food? 
Supreme pizza. 
Favorite bad word? 
Fuck. Again, I say it a lot. Especially when I’m drinking. I’m blaming it on my dad. He was a Navy sailor. 
Favorite movie? 
You know, this is a really tough question. But a movie I really love and enjoy watching always is The Secret Garden, the one filmed in 1993. Obviously, I am a romantic, which to me means I also have to love gorgeous English rose gardens, right? Of course! I always said I’d have a garden like on The Secret Garden. Still working on it. I’m thinking it might take me a lifetime, ha! 
Favorite book from childhood? 
I loved Anne of Green Gables. 
Favorite book now? 
I honestly don’t have a favorite book. I like so many books. I have found I love everything written by Patricia Cornwell. She’s my favorite author, and I devour her books. 
What authors inspire you? 
Ah! Answered that above. Patricia Cornwell. If she were here, we’d probably fist pump. She’s cool like that. 
Thanks for having me today, Robyn! And if you don’t mind, I’d like to share a blurb for my debut, humorous contemporary romance, Fender Bender Blues. 
Niecey’s back cover blurb!!!
Her life took a wrong turn. He’s driven by success. They didn’t count on crashing into love…
Rachel Bennett loved her job until the day she finds herself doubting her choices.  Now she’s hunting for a new career, but starting over isn’t easy.  Her plan is simple—no distractions until she finds her dream job.  She didn’t plan on fate throwing her a curveball in the form of a fender bender with a sexy guy in an expensive suit.
Craig Larsen is a wealthy, successful business owner with a plan of his own: survive his current PR nightmare and stay away from his overly determined ex-girlfriend.  His need for control and personal success is turned upside down when he meets Rach, a sassy redhead who can’t drive.
Soon they find themselves battling with Rach’s grumpy old neighbor, toilet-papering the trees of a high school nemesis, and fighting over the last slice of pizza.  Can two very different people plus one fender bender equal a chance at forever?
Here’s the info on how to contact Niecey and how to buy her book! Buy her Book at Amazon!!!
Niecey Roy
Fender Bender Blues, a romantic comedy
January 24, 2013 exclusive Amazon digital release
Coming May 3, 2013 everywhere
published by Wild Rose Press