Okay, so here’s the deal. (Pun intended, you’ll get it in a minute…)  When I see an outlet mall my butt clenches and I start to sweat. Not a pretty picture, but true nonetheless. I luuuurrrve outlet malls. Getting a great deal is right up there with the big O for me. My hot hubby is aware of this. He thinks I’m weird.
 I have had tons of luck in the wondrous land of the outlet, but I’ve also had some dingers! I do tend to waste gobs of money at the one stop deal-stravagansas…..I get so overwhelmed, I don’t even try stuff on. I still have a pile of unworn t-shirts from an unnamed store I love. I had no clue the seams were wonky and the freakin’ horse was upside down! All I could see was the ridiculously low price! Next time I swear I’ll wear my glasses. Or how about the pants I got? If I tried to walk, my ladybits got damaged…. Or the high end purse I bought in such a rush, I didn’t realize it smelled kind of off….
What in the hell is the point of all this??? Weeeellllll, I have a deal for you! The seams are straight and the horse is standing upright. Your ladybits are not in danger and it smells awesome!
HOW HARD CAN IT BE? is on sale for a short time!!! SQUEEEEEEE! It’s only $1.99 at most of the retailers where it’s on sale. If you don’t already have it, snap it up quick before it goes back to original price! And if you do already have it tell your friends! They too can learn room clearing nicknames for the male anatomy and laugh till they snort Coke (the drink, not the drug) out of their nose!
Romantic Times Magazine gave it 4 Stars!! (I almost peed my pants over that one)
The reviews have been rockin’ and I’m still so excited it’s embarrassing!
Thank you to all of the terrifically warped readers who are now following my every move….
Thank you to all you guys that are reading HOW HARD CAN IT BE? Thanks for leaving great reviews for me on Goodreads and Amazon and Barnes and Noble and all the other sites you’ve bought it from!
Thank you to my new readers who think my characters are actually real people and have written me to find out what they’re doing now.
Thank you to the gal who has offered me her children to get to read Kristy’s story before it comes out!
Thank you to the lady who wrote me and told me I should wash my mouth out with soap while promising to read everything I ever write!
Thank you to the woman who asked me if I’d spent time in an institution, because my brain was so warped! She also promised to read everything I ever write!
Enough of that….just Thank you! Please keep reading!
FASHIONABLY DEAD comes out the end of May and Kristy’s story (tentatively titled, SHE LIKES THEM BIG AND HAIRY) comes out in December!!!!
HOW HARD CAN IT BE? is available, ON SALE, at these awesome sites!!!
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