Social media scares the poop out of me. Because I have a book coming out, I have treaded into the deep and murky waters of Facebook, Twitter and Blogging. I’ve never blogged before, I’m really not that interesting. No one cares what I ate for lunch (a turkey sandwich) or what I’m going to do later (sit in front of my computer and type till I go blind).
Thank you Jesus for my friends Kris and Jennifer. I now can cut and paste…and, um…well I can cut and paste. I have written Facebook posts that have ended up in cyber-space somewhere, because they certainly didn’t go where I meant them to go.
My children think I’m challenged and my husband likened my computer prowess to teaching a ninety year old woman how to play Nintendo. (I plan on having his boxer briefs starched)
I am learning and getting better. I used to laugh about my lack of skill. Now? Not so much. I plan to continue to send posts out into cybersphere, praying to God, Buddha and all the NFL quarterbacks that they land in the correct place. I intend to blog about underpants and Chia pets and my book till I’m all pimped out. I promise to not talk about what I’m making for dinner (unless it’s disastrous) and I won’t talk about myself in third person. Ever.
I love to write. I love to make up funny, sexy, snarky romances. I walk around for months with people trapped inside my head and my only relief is to put them on paper. There have been some red-neck vampires living in there for a while, but first I have to finish the sequel to HOW HARD CAN IT BE?
Life is pretty damn good. I enjoy sitting in front of the computer in my husbands boxer briefs (not the starched ones) and writing. It’s an awesome job and I’m so happy to have it!