Never in my wildest dreams will I have the skill set that my buddy Kris Calvert has. She did an awesome website for me and I would like to figuratively kiss her ass! It would be weird and uncomfortable if I actually tried to do it for real. I’m a fairly private gal, so doing this social media thing was a ginormous step for me. The only reason I did was because I’m proud of what I write and I want people other than my mother and really good friends to read it!
Not only do I have a website, but I’m hooking on Facebook and Twitter too. Two of my characters from #HOW HARD CAN IT BE? have escaped from my brain and are tweeting. For some profane and bizarre entertainment you should follow them… #Rena Gunderschlict and #Shoshanna LeHump. You can follow them straight from the website…or not.
I caught my husband trying to post on my blog. I busted him and he cleared out fast. I have a bad feeling this will be an ongoing problem. If he succeeds, I will set all of our TV’s to the Lifetime Network and hide the remotes. This will be especially painful for him on game days.
Writing may be a solitary sport, but all the rest of it is not! Soooo, thank you #Kris Calvert, for the website and thank you #Candace Sword for having the patience to photograph me and thank you to #Michelle Rowen for my awesome cover quote and thank you to all my writer gals for help, support, friendship and passing me on to new people! As soon as I figure out what in the hell I’m doing I will return the favor!!!!! Seriously!
And last, but not least, thank to all of you who are following my discombobulated rants!!!