EDITORS ARE A MUST……….or your filth will shine through.
I am gross and uncouth upon occasion. When I do this I am fully aware of it. I luuurrrve naughty double entendres. They make me giggle and they have caused my Mom to swear I’m adopted. BUT recently I produced an unintentional whammy in the manuscript of, FASHIONABLY DEAD, that embarrassed even me….Due to threats on my life for only telling part of the story on Facebook, I’m am going to come clean and reveal how accidentally disgusting I can be.
Alrightyroo, here is the email from my editor, Mary. I am in love with her for finding this. I am still appalled and laughing really hard….. The line in quotes is a line I wrote describing Astrid’s father. Okay here’s the email……. You’re welcome!
I am having a good laugh over this question!! 
“Beneath all the blood and oozing pussy sores he was some kind of…”
The adjective form of the word “pus” is pustulant. When I read this sentence as is, it sounds like the man has oozing sores on his pussy. I’ve tried different ways to write “pus-y” since people use that word in speaking, but they all look weird and don’t make sense. I’d use “pustulant” instead, unless your intention was for Astrid’s father to sport diseased female genitalia.
So are they pustulant sores or genital sores? 
(Hahahahaha…I so can’t stop laughing!!!)
I wrote her back and CUT the word altogether. I never ever would have seen it like that because I knew what I meant!!!(and I had no intention of giving Astrid’s father a vagina) I am gross on occasion, but NOT that gross!!!!! So there it is, my almost unforgivable faux pas. If you write, get a fantabulous editor like mine or else you might unintentionally castrate your characters.
xoxo Robyn
FASHIONABLY DEAD (minus the, um…sores) comes out the end of August. This one makes my heart sing and I can’t wait till you guys read it!
xoxo Robyn
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