Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. No presents, no baskets, no inappropriate stories and behavior from relatives….wait, I take back the last “no.” I’m always game for a good insult or breakdown.
I enjoy eating myself into a coma and yelling at my brothers about politics and football and anything else I know will set them off! (Actually, I adore my brothers, but a good argument is a good argument…) Many important pieces of wisdom have been passed down through the years at my family’s Thanksgiving celebrations.
My dad always has something of interest to relay. Like when we were in high school and he informed us, “If you’re going to lie, you better be pretty fucking smart. It’s a lot harder to remember lies than the truth.” Or the drinking and driving tid-bit, “You don’t have to worry about the police, because if I catch you drinking and diving…I own your ass and your drivers license till you move out of this house.” And people wonder where my language came from…
The family football game, also known as the Turkey Bowl, has become more dangerous for those of us over 40. Although, that never occurs to anyone till the day after.
We also enjoy a game called “Let’s Tell Mom All Sorts of Illegal and Unsavory Things We Did in High School That She Had No Idea About.” Because we’re all 40ish, we feel safe, and her reactions are beyond awesome!
But seriously folks, I love Thanksgiving and I am so very grateful that I have a family that I adore and want to be with. They are loud and funny and loving…and they’re mine.
I am a very lucky girl.
Happy Thanksgiving to all! And it’s not a blog if I don’t pimp my book! HOW HARD CAN IT BE? is available for pre-sale on Amazon and B&N! Check out my website and sign up for the newsletter. The second chapter is coming out soon!!!!